Colt .45 Waist Holster

Colt .45 waist Holster
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  • Item #: WH4B
  • Manufacturer: Ken's Leathercraft
  • Condition: New

Handcrafted from 6-7oz vegetable tanned leather and dyed brown. This holster is lined and includes a hammer restraining strap. The holster slips over a standard waist belt for those who do not want to wear a gunbelt. Holsters the Colt .45 or any revolver of the same frame with a 5 1/2, 6 or 7 1/2 inch barrels.

The traditional material, particularly for handgun holsters, is leather. It has an attractive appearance and can be dyed in many colors. Outside the waistband or belt holsters, are most commonly used by police and military, and by citizens who choose to open carry. Belt holsters can be worn high and close to the body, slightly behind the hip bone and can be concealed under a long, untucked shirt or jacket.



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